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I also pray that you will help me fight temptation. Because of it I am high on pot. I need you in my life for the long hall lord. I desperately need you!

by Countrymama2jdo.mto

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Brother i wanted to share this with you about pot or weed. I use to smoke as a teen and in senior year of HS I left it. I wasn't a Christian than but some how the grace of god took the away from me. As an adult I drank a lot with my brother we were drinking sometimes 3 times in a week getting drunk. Once I received Jesus as my lord and savior all that is gone. I don't mean to judge anyone but the other day I saw an old
friend the one that thought me how to smoke week and the way he looked and where he was working was the same place where he was when he graduated HS. The bit me and my friend talked to him
was enough to say that we needed to pray for him becuae he seemed very unhappy. You can do it brother just submit yourself
to the lord! Pot equals
nothing to the power of the holy spirit I will pray for you brother god bless you

sergio | on Jan 04, 2010

1 Corinthians 10:13 -- that verse has been the backbone for my fight against temptations! God be with you

Anonymous | on Jan 04, 2010

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