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Thnk u father 4 the strength 2 hold on 2 yo will. I have fallen short once agaim da luv I once knew is leavin me slowly but Im ok cuz its yo will. I cry bout the hurt he has caused but its really my fault he didnt hurt me I hurt myself by not waitin 4 yo will 2 b done. Im selfish their r ppl wit worse problems thn this so I shouldnt waste yo time on it pleaz 4give my selfish wayz. Im apologize 2 all my prayer friends. Pleaz b patient wit me. In yo name I pray u r the truth and da light Amen

by sum1 pleaz pray 4 me

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Oh yes u r important to GOD he forgives u and he love u, been there done that ask him to heal your heart take the heaviness and cryn away, u will wake up o.e day and the pain will b gone, and u will b mad u wasted so much time and energy on this one person, and then when u get over it u gone b mad that u even liked him at alll

grateful,one*n*ohio | on Jul 10, 2010

You are praying from the heart. God always wants to hear from you. Even the small details. That's not you being selfish. Don't beat yourself up. You are just being open and honest. God wants you to bring your desires to him.

Anonymous | on Jul 10, 2010

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