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Lord my 9 year old daughter has anger issues. We go round and round all the time. She thinks she can boss us around, she will wisper rude things just to get the last say in things. Im lost at what to do. Getting angry with her only makes things ten times worse. I pray that you help us understand eachother more. I dont want her to get worse as she grows up. I also dont want to have a doctor tell me she needs to be on medication to calm her. Please lord help us through this..

by Love

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Don't know your situation, of course. But quite often parents and children get locked into a battle of will. Either parents insist on being in charge or children do. Or, rather, ALL that children see is authority based on might rather than right. An alternative is the God of conscience is in charge. As children observe their parents admitting their faults to their children and try to guide their children to heed the clear and good voice that speaks in their own hearts, they see an authority worthy of everyones trust.

Garret | on Jul 05, 2010

I have found a couple of books written by Christian psychologist which has been helpful in how I interact with my kids. HAVE A NEW KID BY FRIDAY BY DR KEVIN LEMAN and DARE TO DISCIPLINE BY DR JAMES FINDING.

MontanaRain905NC | on Jul 05, 2010

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