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Sometimes I wish god would send me a blessin... I feel at times dat god has wax n his ears n dnt hear my prayers.. everyday its somethin new.. new but painful.. I found myself cryin on da inside n out... I could b n dazy thinkin n break dwn. I figure post it n let someone else pray for u n he mite hear or answer dem on yo behalf... I can't take no more. I give it all away jus to b happy... jus help me lord show me da way.. I'm cryin as I write n I learned dat tears r liquid prayers. . Well I bn cryin fa a lng time....I guess I'm writin dis to say "lord im comin to u today wit a open heart n a watery spirit... I need u more today dan I did yesterday... plz heal all my wounds, includin those whom was made by mans hand. I dnt kno wat to do now... I'm stuck" amen.

by Mz.Amazing

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He really does love you and adore you and He hears every single word and tear you pray. Sometimes, being really broken can make blockages to hearing Him. The pain is just so big and His voice is gentle. For the most if my life I wept, absolutely wept for God to speak to me or just hear me and all that returned was what I heard as silence and more agony. I had to learn to let Him where it really was hurting. I am still in that process but I couldn't hear what He had to say on anything because it all just hurt so much. He hears EVERY SINGLE WORD AND PRAYER in whatever form...even the prayers you don't even know your spirit has prayed. He is near to the broken hearted. Not far away. Ask Him to help you allow Him near to the broken places. Ask Him to quieten your spirit and help you hear and sense Him. He loves you so much and longs to heal you. Not bandaid you up but actually heal you. He is near to you. Ask Him to help you see His hand and hear His voice, He will never, not once, ever leave you.

Anonymous | on Jul 05, 2010

He has never let go. Although it's hard to see that until the storm passes. Ur not alone and HE won't let go ever !!! So open ur heart I know it's hard but open ur heart even in the worst times and just know that HE sees way in advance so HIS plans may not seem like HE is answering u now , but HE already has !!!!! Promise !!

ur hmbl svnt | on Jul 05, 2010

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