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Please Please pray for me ehat I am running from is abuse at the hands of numerou men who never loved me for me. Since infancy I remember my stepfather molesting me and somehow in my head it is all that I am worth. A cum stain. My self esteem is gone..... It us as if I never I never if all I am is whats between my legs. I have been manipulated by many and loved by few.....for that I battle suicidal ideation...ready to end my life foe peace in my pain stems from the loss of love...soley the complete loss of love. Please Please pray tonight that I dont take my life because i am no longer able to go on......

by Kia

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dont kill your self cause GOD loves you (:

Anonymous | on Jul 03, 2010

Please do not think of your self in that way hold your headi up and keep your eyes on god live every day as long as you can he has a plan. For all of us know mater what you can and will get thru this

Messed up son | on Jul 03, 2010

Leave the past behind you ... Though you may have been thrown into a raging sea through no fault of your own you must choose to sink or swim for a beacon of light.
He will not fail you

Garret | on Jul 03, 2010

Baby girl,rebute d devil in the name of Jesus.When ur at ur worse d devil come to kill,steal n destroy. This battle is not yours. Stand still,don't look for anybody or anything to fill void. IF GOD IS FOR U WHO DEAL TO BE AGAINST U???

Anonymous | on Jul 03, 2010

God loves everyone. He has a plan for everyone. Sometimes the path is rough, but it doesn't mean you should stop. Keep on going. You will get through, we ALL are praying for you :-) the book "Share Jesus without Fear" is a great book, and has a wonderful testimony in it. Which is an example of how God can turn things around, for the best! I will keep you in my prayers. God Loves You

Anonymous | on Jul 03, 2010

Kia, I don't know yhu n my opionion is worthless BUT, u are seeking for the Lord. Give him ur entire heart soul n mind. Let him take over. He will confort yhu. Seek ppl dha can give yhu peaceful advice n st8 up convos about God n only Him. He loves yhu n wants yhu to trust him. He won't let yhu dwn. He promises.

BONDiN W JESUS. | on Jul 03, 2010

About leavin ur past behind, I agree. Hwever, I know its easier said than done. But I can tell yhu this ery day is a brand new day. Go to sleep talkin to the lord and wake up talkin to the lord. Ur days will be clearer. Bye kia :)

BONDiN W JESUS. | on Jul 03, 2010

Kia....I am sorry for the pain you have endured....I to was molested as a child....its a digusting feeling. I have been through so much in my 28 years....thyroid cancer...suicide of a a brother in jail for many others....what doest kills makes you stronger....the begining of healing is calling out to jesus....reading his word...attending church....learn to see urself through jesus eyes an not yours!....the bible says ur beautiful an wondefully made.....what matters to you matters to him cause kia he died for you....he sees your pain...know every tear....suicide is a permente answer to a temporary problem through christ!....know that GOD will deal with the men who have sexual abused you....he's ready to make you whole waiting patiently on you....but you must take the first step....READY?????

GOD\'s butterfly* | on Jul 03, 2010

God love Kia be strong just pray to god he knows what you are going through I'm praying for you.

Hope | on Jul 03, 2010

To Kia & God's butterfly, I can't imagine what you've been thru! My heart breaks for both of you! I agree with God's butterfly, Jesus is the only answer to make you whole & new! He will comfort you & give you the strength to leave the past in the past & look forward to the blessings he has in store for you! He will restore 7 fold what the devil stole from you! Draw near to God & he will draw near to you! You are in my prayers too!

Hope Faith | on Jul 03, 2010

KIA give yoself totally completely over to GOD all the way he will give u peace, find a saved person to talk to , to hang with sorta like a spiritual sponsor, GOD has kept me from sex without marriage for eleven yrs. Men Do these things to us with No concious then we hurt rself and he off to hurt the next , GOD is a keeper, nothing to hard for him, lov ya

grateful,one*n*ohio | on Jul 03, 2010

Dear Kia and Gods Butterfly,
I along w the two of you i was molested at a very young age...i grew up with too much hatred and loss of self-worth. This past march, I had made my finalized plans to seal the deal with my suicidal no avail, God had a plan for my life, and brought me a friend, who then guided me to a wonderful place of worship, which now i am out of my funk and actually able to feel happy, not disgusting and used. I have always had a great support system my entire life, although was also abused most of it, sexually and emotionally. But, it took ME to hit rock bottom, pick up the pieces to my past, and chuck them into the sea...forever. God loves us, he made us strong, for all we have been thru. Dont give up on yourself. I didnt let the devil win, and thats all he wants, is your soul, so that he can use u all he wants, over and over...for eternity. Stay close to God...he loves u and i have a lot of respect for the two of u to come out and tell your terrible secrets, but there is safety in numbers. Go with God, he is waiting to talk to you. If either of u wud like to talk, i am at [email hidden from spammers] well. Your sister in Christ,

Heather\'s Footprints | on Jul 03, 2010

C Kia, its proof that peps do love u. Perfect strangers love u n care bout yur well bein. That ain nuth'n but GOD!!! erry1 is rite that GOD loves u & HE has a plan 4 u. Dnt give up b4 u c yur PROMISE. GOD will heal u, HE will put positive peps n yur lyfe, HE WILL...CUZ HE SAID SO. peps can lie, but GOD NEVA. Yur stronga than u think. U shared yur testimony n sum1 is goin thru the same thing, but now has the courage 2 speak up. The devil is a lie, dnt let him steal yur joy. Stay positive, pray, n we will b pray'n 4 u Kia. The best is yet 2 com!!! Amen!

SLManning | on Jul 03, 2010

KIA, please don't give up. God loves you and so do many other people. My brother committed suicide 30 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think about him and miss him. Please don't even consider that an option....its not. Your life is too important to give up on. There is a plan for you....please live your life through Gods you

Ron L. | on Jul 03, 2010

Are you doing better Kia?

Anonymous | on Jul 05, 2010

How are you?

Anonymous | on Jul 14, 2010

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