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Its funny how life is sum wat like a boom o rang..wat u throw out it eventually comes back. 2day i was @ a store n as i was paying these people were behind me listening 2 my 3 yr old newphew whine cause he wanted a bag of cars..n i told him "no" he keep saying "please tia please" i told him we were going 2 the dollar store n that i would buy him a toy there..but he kept I proceeded 2 to walk away the guy said 2 my newphew.."here" man was i shocked!! Seriously there r rarely nice people out there..but my newphew was blessed wit his cars..n i was blessed knowing that I onced did a thing like n now I know how that person felt when i did a good deed.
I try 2 remind my self of the past, how the kind happy person I once was..not the one I've allowed my self 2 b..this cold hearted bitter angry woman..if I only knew how 2 get back 2 that..cause bitter restentment n anger isnt healthy nor safe.

by Princess of God

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I pray God mends and heals your heart in Jesus name I pray

praying for a second chance | on Jul 01, 2010

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