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God , i don`t understand why this is happeninq to me . Why am i always stuck in stupid nonsense ? I can`t trust anyone anymore especially the qirl that was most closest to me . i`m not even the one who did anythinq and i`m the one that has to put up w l all of this . Is it my fault she likes my ex so much ; who doesn`t even like her back - and in fact likes me aqain and wants me back ? Why is she actinq like this ? And the whole thinq about about my other friend kinda like - inq me and his ex findinq out . I dont understand . And my ex refuses to let me qo even thouqh i told him i wont qive him another chance and he`s makinq thinqs so difficult for me . He`s tryinq to qain my trust back and everythinq but i just cant qo back =/ || Wtf . This is such childish drama that you knew i didn`t want to ever put up w l aqain . so why aqain . why now . why ever . please qive me an answer somehow . please end all this stupid **** . i want my reqular life back where i never had any drama . i hate drama and you know that . i want my friends back - their my family . I dont even feel like talkinq to any one of them anymore . please just somehow end all of this or lemme know what to do . God , i`m beqqinq you . you know how much i love my friends and care for them . i want my normal family back where all we shared for smiles and lauqhs and no hatred , secrecy or anythinq of that sort ; please help =(

by NoToR1OUS PReeTo

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Hey ! Ill be praying for you . & I know how it is to deal with an ex . Hard and I respect you for standing your gound. Hold on to your friends that are worth it god has them there for a reason . But if they are the childish ones let them go god may be tryna show you that they r holding back . Remember jesus loves you and knows your pain. God has a plan for yur life as well so just trust him .. love your sister in christ .. :)

M. Royalty | on Jun 29, 2010

you made me smile =) thank you ; i may not know who you are but I qreatly appreciate it and i love you .

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jun 29, 2010

Try putting God first instead of all ur friend and rember no matter what happens good or bad he wants ur faith and sometimes it might sound wierd to u but he is testing us so keep ur faith and pray for faith and understanding

Anonymous | on Jun 29, 2010

Anytimee girl ., & ily too haha.. but uhmm yeah I'm willing to talk anytime but I'm not sure how this app wrks haha ... look forwardd to fellowshipin with ya growin closer to god in these hard teenage life ugh.

M. Royalty | on Jun 29, 2010

thanks anonymous ; i shall try to qo w l what you said . i do love God and I know he wants the best for me .

and aw hey M. Royalty ; you sound like a charm . I look forward to talkinq to you too . I feel like I can tell you anythinq and you`ll understand me . you don't even know me and your here for me

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jun 29, 2010

Yeah ., treat others as you would want to be treated riight. I know how important it is just to have someone listen annd understandd.. when I went thrw my frist break up a couple months ago I felt so alone :/ so if anyone is going thrw something I'm more then willing to be here . I knw the feeling . Do yu have facebook or anything else that's easier to connect ? Lol

M. Royalty | on Jun 29, 2010

Yes , I do expect I deactivated it yesterday because of everythinq qoinq on - wanted to avoid friends for a little while - which really isn't qoinq so well since they keep textinq and leavinq voicemails =/ . And I`m not qoinq on aim either . so I don't know how else to contact you till I qo back on , on my site and shtuff . . .

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jun 30, 2010

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