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Dear heavenly father- I thank u for another day on this earth with my kids n husband. I know u have a plan for my life. N I really need u right now n a friend. I need u to protect my marriage frm the evil influences of the world. I need u to wrap ur arms around my husband david while he's over the rd. He's struggling wanting to come home n personal issues he wont let me n on. I believe n my heart he cheated on me again. N its driving me nuts that I don't know n its making it harder to try n do the right thing n b close if everything is up n the air. I thought We got through the affair stage 3 yrs ago n now it seems were back to square one like he didn't learn. I already found out I have an STD n I've Bern faithful. He denys n has excuses but I know he's depressed n hiding something. I have a number to a girl but everything he says makes since concerning his job my gut tells me he cheated I know u hate divorce n we r suppose to forgive but what do u do? What do I do I have faith he'll come around but do u stay married to someone who cheats all the time? Im lost n confused. Plz put ur arms around him convict him gaurd his thoughts n actions make the sins he has n secret become unattractive for him Where he's repulsed by it help kerpvhim strong help him to ask for forgiveness n feel sry for it never leave his side deal with him like u r with me help him with his job for I know he hates it help us find a new one. Help me to know what to do bout having sex with him n What my next step should b help me to trust u n to know u know what ur doing by ur time table help the truth to come out help me to know what to do n not to do. N say. Help me to stop crying help me to rest easy n ur arms n find comfort n support. I need u he needs u my kids need u n r marriage needs u guide us n the world around us. Help us all yo protect n guide r Kidd frm this world n its evils n what girls r suppose to look like n how guts r suppose to act by the worlds standards for their wrong help parents all over to stand up n protect r kids n not let them degrade themselves by their clothes n actions. Thxnk u for all u have given me I say these things n n the name of Jesus Christ amen

by confused28

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It is so hard in your situation. I have been there! Gods word says that the only way for a divorce is adultery and abandonment.
I have been through a divorce and it is very hard to deal with. God does not look down on You in this issue because of the adultery, but if you can find it in your heart to forgive and move forward in your marriage then you are a very strong woman!!!!!
I will be praying for you and your family during the heart breaking time.
May God bless you in your paths.

Roger | on Jun 14, 2010

I'll pray for u and your family. GOD has a plan. Stay strong! :)

Child Of God | on Jun 14, 2010

Rodger is right. No matter what the outcome both decisions will be painful. I was in your situatuon also. He cheated on me twice. God has carried me thru the pain and He will do the same for you. Look for a Reconciling God's Way program at churches in your area if you chose to stay together. It can really help. I will be following you and holding you up in prayer.

janiceaSonshine | on Jun 14, 2010

I think that whatever you decide , it has to be based on what God would view as acceptable. God does not view adultery as acceptable under any circumstance. If you do stay with him, please seek help from a Christian counselor. If not, then that means that you have tried but he is not willing to make the effort and does not respect God's word or you enough to save your marriage.

Anonymous | on Jun 15, 2010

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