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Lord, please hear my prayer & use me to help others on this app & everywhere! I've shared with some of you about my heats deepest desire for God to restore al the marriages that the enemy has destroyed or is trying to destroy, my own being one of them! I pray God moves in the hearts of every husband & wife & that he moves so mightily to stomp the devil thru our love for him & each other! Despite all my efforts to save my marriage it ended in divorce almost 2yrs ago. I was so sure God spoke to me & revealed his plan to save my marriage so that we would have an awesome testimony for other couples, but it still ended. I've struggled with doubt, fear, lonliness, frustration & more, but God has still used my faith & dedication to him & my husband as a testimony of my own, which is still awesome! Thru this app & praying for other marriages, my hope has been renewed! I never gave up on God or my marriage, but I've just been going thru the motions of life & its not good enough anymore! I felt amazing when God 1st spoke to me & revealed his plan to me & I want to feel that way again! As far as I know my ex is still living with the woman he left me for & they live in our house we bought together. We've had very little interaction since the divorce & all of it was initiated by me thru texts & emails. His girlfriend, whom I knew before we got married, well, she was actually a part of our wedding party, even emailed me. I will spare the details, but all of it ended in my forgiving both of them, my asking for forgiveness from him & telling him he is forever in my prayers. So thru this app & our prayers, as well as a few devotionals & such from God, I felt the need to text him yesterday & let him know God weighed it on my heart to tell him I'm praying for him & hoped he's doing well. He did respond & said thank you & wished me a happy belated bday. So I'm asking that anyone who shares my desire for marriages to be restored, please join me in my prayer! I pray 1 Peter 3:1, that they WILL be WON OVER by our actions, not our words! I pray God speaks to my ex's heart & helps him to find true salvation in Jesus! I pray that he realizes the error of his ways & turns from them! I pray that God also puts wonderful Christian influences in his life that he didn't have before! I pray that God's plan will be fulfilled in my life very soon! Let God be glorified thru every marriage that he restores! I love you & praise you Abba Father! Thank you Lord for answering my prayers! I pray for everyone on this app & that you will answer their prayers as well! Let this June be the beginning of many miracles & blessings in our lives! I ask this in Jesus name ~ Amen!

by Hope in God

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My situation is the same as yours. My divorce was final two weeks ago after two years of separation. He also is living with the woman he left me for. I can truly say God has carried me thus far. I also see a strong attack on families on this app and with friends around me. I am agreeing in prayer with you. God promises beauty for ashes. The comfort He has given us we are to give to others. Continue to fight the good fight. God bless you

janiceaSonshine | on Jun 12, 2010

Thank you janiceaSonshine! Yes, I would never have made it thru it without God! I can't imagine going thru a separation/divorce without God! Mine began in Mar of 06 and it truly was a very nasty divorce! He did a lot of awful things to me, but I've always seen the bigger picture! I love him for who he is, but even more for who I know he can be! My prayers are with you too!

Hope in God | on Jun 12, 2010

Blessing b poured upon u my sisters.. I guess though our lord and Savior works every miracle different for I can now see Satan don't!!!! He kills destroys and steal Christian marriages almost every time the same way....I too was abandoned due to for another younger woman!!!!leaving me in a state with no family, no car, and 4children to raise under the age of 11 after 15years of marriage. Well, though I have no decided on a divorce yet after almost 3years seperation, I don't would not want a divorce yet I am now thinking about it. My sisters, know it was through this brokeness I found our precious lord and savior. Please see my inspirational poem testimony, I have posted in "BROKEN WIFE" AND SAVED JUST IN TIME...may this b a true blessing to u as u read them. God will guide u to mine...b blessed

foreverloved | on Jun 12, 2010

My precious lord and Savior, thank u for ur faithfulness, mercy, grace and love u pour on ur children. My lord ur word say ur words don't come back void, that what u say it is done!!!!Thank u for giving ur children the strength for trampling Satan under our feet! That as we continue to stand with u my lord, we have the victory over all darkforces that may try to seperate us from u. U have have given us ur sword to fight back with making us more than conqueror to all our hearts desires that fall on ur will. Thank u for what Satan wanted for harm for us u have turn them around for good, strengthening us in every area of our lives. My lord we r standing, believing, trusting, in all ur blessing that u will pour like rain in our Christian marriages, that ur will be highly exalted, praised, and given honor to u my lord the mighty God of Jews, and gentiles here on earth. We know that u r the alpha and the omega, the beggining and the end. That u will restore and complete ur children's marriage for the devil have no dominion over our marriages. Thank u for what u have said it is a done deal. In Jesus precious name amen and amen

foreverloved | on Jun 12, 2010

Thank you foreverloved for sharing your story & prayers! I read your poem & it was beautiful & inspiring! I pray it touches many lives, both women & men! God bless you!

Hope in God | on Jun 12, 2010

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