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🤲Father God I come to you asking you and begging you to please bless this house,me and my father with Peace and his powerful Protection against my nasty,evil,heartless,drug addict mother and all of her nasty,evil,childish,money hungry ways and words
Every time when
she comes off of her!a drug and alcohol sprees
Father God please protect me and my father against her nasty
Evil ways and words that comes out of her mouth,because you know how disrespectful she can be so PLEASE DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN,please don't let her start up any unnecessary drama with me or my father, cause she can be so childish,immature, vindictive,and evil she is always acting a fool being childish,with her reckless words that comes out of her mouth,she has nothing to do with Chandler edcation and she needs to Stay out of it. Everytime when she comes down from her drug and alcohol sprees, she always wanna start up unnecessary drama father god please be merciful towards me and SHUT HER DOWN
DO NOT LET HER START UP ANYTHING WITH ME OR MY FATHER, make her stop yelling at those kids and take her frustration out on herself,cause she ain't raising nobody kids all she doing is collecting money,and that's the truth, so I don't wanna hear nothing are being stressed out about these kids
Father God please shut her down,
Please Don't let my father SNAP ON HER SO PLEASE GIVE HIM patience and strength
I need you father God to bless this house with peace and protect me from these evil nasty heartless people that lived here in this house
Father God please keep her nasty,negative,evil energy away from me at all times. She is so bipolar and toxic I just want her to leave me alone. Keep her out of my personal business do not let her ask me for any kind of favor I need you to Shield me and protect me from all of her nasty words that comes out of her mouth,dont let her start no kind of drama with me or my father,especially me because she has no reason to be shady and nasty towards me, because I didn't do anything to her or say anything to her you need to stop being mean to those kids and she need to stop going around saying she raising somebody else's kids when she never raised her own.
Father God do not let her say anything to me when I'm there because from now on I'm staying to myself I'm putting my faith in you to help me get out of this situation once and for all I want to be happy and I want to be at peace and I want to have peace of mind and surrounded by positive energy and positive people all that I'm asking is for you to please protect me from all of her evil money-hungry nasty disrespectful vindictive ways and words
What really hurts me the most is I did nothing to her or said anything to her but I think she knew that I was upset because she made it baby hit her head but it won't happen no more because I'm not going to allow her to take her frustration out on them baby's because she has a drug and alcohol problem, she needs to get on her knees and pray she is one sick individual also Father God please continue to bless me with not seeing her son over there when I'm there because he is another nasty individual who has nothing going for himself but drama she needs to realize that the reason he is staying away is because he is seeking attention.
So father God please bless that house with peace do not let her try to start a drama with people in that house especially with me and my father, don't let her try to start up drama in the morning as well
Father God every time she trying to start drama with people in that house please get her all the way down destroy her Wicked Ways and her nasty words
I really cannot take her bipolar ways anymore I did nothing to her and she really hurt my feelings today and when people start to hurt my feelings I need you father God keep them from me and make them realize that I have did nothing to them
Do not let that Evil,vindictive woman try to attack me or come at me crazy with her evil ways and words
Do not let her wake up in the middle of the night cutting the television on or making loud noisey trying to wake my father up, so do not let her act childish and vindictive
so father God I am asking you and begging you to please answer this serious special prayer request i need you to be merciful towards me and answer this special prayer request
In Jesus name Amen

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