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I'm praying for everybody on here tonight and thanking God that he gives us his word and Promises and to Faithfully trust him. Whatever you're struggling with you need to bring it to him in prayer behind closed doors go to him trust that you need him that you're nothing without him and to know that he is merciful and just he is a god of love and a god of wrath and we need to get right with him. We need his Mercy we need his grace and we need to be merciful and graceful to others that we don't want to be because he is merciful and he shows his grace every day he wakes up the up and he gives us life we breathe is oxygen because of him our Heartbeats because of him so give him the praise and the glory and the honor that he deserves and don't let any man tell you what to do you read his word in context. Ask God to show you what he wants you to do read in contacts look at who it's speaking to don't take it out of contacts I made that big mistake just read God's word for what it is. I pray that he illuminates our hearts and our minds and now that we are able to see everything that he needs us to see and wants us to see that we speak when he wants us to speak and we're silent when he wants to be silent

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