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Lord, I lost someone very dear to me, I quit smoking , lost my father , and at the same time u still keep giving me a bad life to live, everyday I'm living in hell with no happiness, u tear me open and leave me out to dry in the hot sun, I don't get why I deserve this treatment from you , I asked for forgiveness many times, u send me someone who is suppose to be my future wife , but at the same time u keep pushing me down a dark hole I wish to stay out of, Honestly God, I prayed several of times, I've been faking it till I make it, but in the end of the day, I'm still living a miserable life at such a young age, pray for me all u want, I pray as well, but see zero change, if this life continues to be this way, Lord , You give me no choice but to end it early , I don't want that but I guess I'll put my trust in you and see what happens

Forgive me for all my sins Lord , in Jesus name I pray , amen


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Yikes! You need to grow stronger in your faith! God let's things happen to us so we grow stronger!

JESUS #1 | on Mar 21, 2019

I had strong faith many times , all those times I did and didn't let stuff bother me, I still ended up with curses and living a life of misery , isn't faith suppose to do the opposite?

WWJD | on Mar 21, 2019

Just try to stay positive. I'll pray!

JESUS #1 | on Mar 21, 2019

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