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In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen

Dear God as I begin this day in prayer I think you for blessing me with the ability to wake up to serve you for another day. I ask a special blessing on my mother that she will be well body mind and soul. Is this not just for my mother but for myself my daughter my brother my sister and my dad and grandparents. And I don't like thinking of my family who are no longer with me it makes me cry. I know God that they are in your care as we are not possessions of one another but gifts to one another of hope faith and love. When the world does not make sense to me my Lord and my God I think God for you that all that you do is perfect good and compassionate toward the very memory heart body mind and soul of your children. I thank you for loving me enough to save me from my own Agony and pain. I thank you for saving me from a world that has no true understanding apart from you. For with you my Lord and God all things are possible in this human body that you created out of love for those around me and me around those in whom serve you in this life and in the Life to Come. But that's it holy holy are you God. You God are the blessing of the mother reflective of your goodness in the creation of the new EVE Mary. With all the history of the world who else could have achieved such great love but the master. And in your goodness what did you make of Adam he became your son Jesus. Who can comprehend reality of your Majestic will and perfect love and dignity of the reality of a mother and a child and the blessings of what it means to be a Holy Family in this life we live. We are ever constantly proven we can do nothing without you. You are the counselor healer of the body mind and soul. We are your masterpiece. And forever I can speak for myself I love you eternally without a thought but at a heartbeat my love when I cannot think beats because you are the love of my life that gave me a family to come to know love and serve you in this life and in the next. What I cannot do in this life my Lord and my God because of my human Frailty I know you who are in is God can do all things out of love for this creature who is a woman and a mother a sister Exedra. I love you God and I thank you. Amen

by wisdom

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Oh so well put so positive , so inspiring. You definitely live our Jesus Christ

tjirttjirt | on May 04, 2017

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