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Father why do i pray every day and night and never get them answered.why do i try to trust and believe that you are there and that you are working on the things going on in our lives.why do i try to help others and to give to others and never receive for my family.why do i pray for healing and loose those that i love or never receive what i pray for.why do i pray for my family and friends and so many others just to see nothing is being done.father i work hard to provide for my family but it isnt enough.we still have to go to food bank and get help from to pay our bills.father i pray for my wife who has so many medical problems and cant work.she had been through so much in her life and she deserves so much more.i try to take care of my kids and grandkids on one paycheck but when im done at my job for the day i can barely move but cant go to the doctors because i cant afford it.i give what i can and do what i can for others but when i need help no ones there.i know its my fault for the situation we are in.i feel lower then a man that i cant help my family and figure out away out of this . Father my family they say we never receive your blessings or miracles because i doubt you but its so hard to not to and not to just give up and walk away from it all.i feel like they would all be better off without me.father its so hard to see them go through this and know you cant help them.father they say its ok and it will be ok but i feel it won't . Father i break down all the time and i hardly sleep because of the stress and worries i have . Father i have no were to go or no one to turn to . Father im on my knees begging for some kind of blessing or some way out of see some kind of sign from you . Father im so overwhelmed by all of we are going through.i want to thank all that have prayed for us and will pray for does mean alot.i hope all your prayers will be answered.take care and god bless i pray in Jesus's name amen

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