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Hello everybody this is Darrick coming to all of you asking and begging everybody to please pray for me and my family members in this house,everytime when my drug addict mother comes down from her drug and alcohol sprees she always wanna fight and be evil to everybody in this house especially my father and me,please ask God to bless this house peace,ask God to bless everybody in this house with inner peace,please don't let my evil mother wake up in the earlier morning hours, making loud noises cutting on the tv,trying to wake my father up so please protect me and my family members, please ask God to bless me with keeping peace and quiet threw this house,and please don't let my money hungry nasty evil mother try to start up any drama with my father. please don't let her start acting crazy,childish,nasty,and evil,ask God to bless me with making her to go back to sleep,and let my father sleep in his own bed &,bless this house with some peace and quiet, PLEASE ask God to bless this house with PEACE AND QUIET
So everybody please pray for me in my special time of need

by Anonymous

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Pray for your mum, she really need help. She need you take so strong pray for her.

Daniel (Argentina) | on Jul 30, 2016

You waste your time, Daniel. Others have commented the same to him many times. He still continues as above. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, as he pays no heed to comments nor does he reply to any.

Anonymous | on Jul 31, 2016

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