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Praise be to, my Lord and Savior, thank You for this day. I pray that Your will be done. I lift Your name up,because You are worthy. Praise be to the most high. Lord I thank You for waking me up,this morning,thanks be to You for allowing me to have a husband ,who also wake up today. Thank You for the bed we have to lay our heads,Thanks be to You for the food and the refrigerator to place the food in it. I pray for the less fortunate. I pray for those who are closed in, mentality or physical,whether closed in the prison gates, health facilities,or mentally state.
. I pray for my brother who haven't found God. I am gracefully that I know who holds tomorrows. I pray that he reach out to my Heavenly Father. I pray for my mother,I ask You Lord, to help me to be there for my mother in all the ways,You will have me to. I 'm praying about her outing situation,I praying that she seek help in her health situation,and let me or someone accompany her to her doctors appointment with her,and stop ignoring them. I pray that I'm able to visit her at lease twice a weak. Lord she is weak,mentally,and physically, Lord I'm calling upon You seeking advise,from You and only You, Lord guide me with my schedule, tomorrow isn't ours to know,Lord I ask You to give me time with my mother this Tuesday and Saturday. I pray that she feel better, and more alert,and stronger in her situation. Lord thank You for the situation You have gotten my sister out of, I pray that she contentious,thanking the one who made it happen. I pray for my brother to find a place that he can afford, At this time it's too tense for him,although it's not in his doing. He's been very helpful; but no efforts of appreciation has been shown,and a load of down talk,and so---- much mistreatment. Lord You know his heart he put out a lot of good. He deserve better, maybe a room,because he's still at home; but in reality I've accepted my mother may not be around as long as I would like for her to be around; but I thank You Lord for the times I've spent with her and I 'm asking You for more time on earth with her. And I pray we can share at lease 2 more outing together. I pray that she get to see her son who's in a health facility at lease 1 more time. I Pray that my brother whos in the health facility come to know You,I pray that his doctors appointments works out well,and he finally makes it to sign-up for the vet. health .I'm praying that his insurance cards are located,and all paper works are in order,and he's located in the right health facility You have him to go to,I pray that You watch over him,and Jesus name. Lord I pray for my brother who is in his last stage of his illness, Lord You know his situation, I know it's all in your hand,give my mother strength to deal with her pride and joy, when the time comes. Lord give us patients to deal with him and his situation. Lord You are all knowing, so You know there more, I just ask You for a special prayer for me and my family,and ask You to keep me strong, energetically,and sensitive to others. Help me to take care of my body,and mind,help me to watch what I put in my mouth,and watch what comes out of my mouth. Help me to look forward in taking care of my body,and doing the best I can. Help me to lose the weight my body desperately needs, help to get rid of my two belly fat. Forgive me Lord, for the way I've treated my body,Let this be the pass,and a new beginning. Lord I appreciate You allowing me to live as long as You done thus far. Lord thank You for saving my life about 25 yrs. ago when I was suppose to be dead; but You extended my life. You save me for a reason. Lord I don't want it to be a waste. Because everything You give is a gift. Lord,thank You for the fun times sharing with my sibling,the tight nit we once had I thought it couldn't be divided; but we have have become damaged good for the devil. Help us Lord to stay focus for Your work and not the devil plan. Lord I pray for all my siblings, family,and friends,I pray for this world,and those who was chosen to govern it. Thank You Lord for my job,and I pray that I'm placed were ever You see fit for me. Lord I pray for people I work for. I pray for everyone on this appl. I pray for my back pain. I pray for the broken hearted. Lord I pray for the misguided. Lord forgive me for my sins the ones I'm aware of and the ones I'm not aware of.Forgive those who has trust pasted against me. I pray for my supervisor mentally and physically. I thank You Lord for those peaceful weeks You allowed me to have while he was out,glory to Your work, You way Lord,not mines. I pray for our daily bread . Lord thank You for all Your blessing,the ones that here and the ones that's near, and Jesus pressure name I pray

by No matter what betide me, He is beside m

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