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Dear lord everything feels like it's falling apart and I feel like I'm going off the path I need to be on and doing things I know I shouldn't please lord help me stay on the right path, and lord the things that are falling apart please help put them back together again. Lord I need your wisdom and guidance to help me. Amen

by faithful servant :)

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You're gona have some detours in life.. God put road blocks up as well..Stay focus, he will always guide u back on the right track...Be bless

Pretty Chick | on May 04, 2010

Thank you I know but here lately it's been kind of hard.

faithful servant :) | on May 04, 2010

Yeah its been hard for me ad well, but we have to STAY PRAYED up, & walk by FAITH, not by SIGHT!!! Peace to you.

Pretty Chick | on May 11, 2010

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