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Hi again..
I do not want to continue alone.. I really need a friend... I need someone.. god, please help me..
This is the last time I'm asking for this.. after this and nothing happens I will leave you god...... I'm so tired...

by steveboy norway

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I think I have found your problem!! It's not with God! It's with YOU!! God NEVER leaves, IF you are a child of God!! You can't blame God! If you don't feel close to him and u feel like he is not there, it not God that has left u, it's u that that has moved away from God!!! Step back and really look at the whole pic!! It's not all about YOU, and I know for a fact that the God that created you knows you better than you know yourself and he knows what's best for u!! I will pray for you!!

fearless | on May 03, 2010


Faithly | on May 03, 2010


Jersey Girl | on May 03, 2010

God loves you to much to leave you god is allways with you no matter what he loves you so much but he wants you to ask for things you just have to have faith faith faith that's all if you need someone to talk to I'm here for you ok

jdizzle | on May 03, 2010


steveboy norway | on May 03, 2010

Can I have your email add...?

steveboy norway | on May 03, 2010

You sound angry and you have every right to be buy not with God! Your faith is not strong enough. See the thing with ppl and God is that they only come to Him in a time of need. This may not be the case for you but your not receiving your blessing because you are not fully paying attention! He doesn't do things when u want it done, its when He feels your ready for whatever it is your asking for. You know like when you want a.piece of candy when u were a kid but mom knew best. It's the same with God! Don't allow the devil to do this to you and if.u are a true believer this if not God bless your sole and he will still love you. You will be back!!!

Anonymous | on May 03, 2010

I told you I would pray for you and I did!! Now I have to let God do the rest on His time!!! If you are goin to say " this is the last time I am asking and if nothing happens, then I am leaving you god" then maybe you aren't a child of God after all!! I don't know that!! I'm not saying that you aren't!! That's between u and God!! I don't know your heart, but if your heart is right with God, it will show by outward appearance in your actions, and in WHAT YOU SAY and TYPE!! God doesn't play games!!! It's heaven or hell!! Period!!! Jesus said I am THE WAY!! He didn't say I am A WAY!! There is only ONE way to the Father, and that is through Jesus Christ!!! If you say you are going to "leave god" then that makes you sound Iike u think u know more than God does!! If you think that, try things YOUR way, and let me know how they go down the road!! I can tell u right now, you may think u can go without God at first, but you will end up being one of the most miserable peole on earth! You will have no joy and peace!!!

fearless | on May 03, 2010

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