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Dear Heavenly Father,
First I wanted to give thanks to you Lord for everthing u have done for me. LORD I am hurting so bad right now. My husband the man who is suppose to be my best friend, soul mate, and life partner told me last that I was lazy, a bad mother and a looser. I stayed up and cried all night because I can't understand how I can be those things when I work full time, drive 2 hours to work, drop and pick my kids up from school and daycare, I keep the house clean, dinner cooked everyday and maintain 2 businesses. I just feel like I don't know what more I can do to please this man. I want a divorce but I want to first see if this is the way I should go. Please help me Lord.

by debfrazier

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I feel your pain and your takes u only so far and to be unappreciated is a horrible feeling....I pray that the Lord opens your eyes and your heart to see His work for you...have a blessed week...

me | on Apr 18, 2010

Don't give up. Its from stress you are both going through and saying hurtful things. God brought you two together for a reason. Find that love again. My wife is in jail right now, I'm unemployed with 5 kids and don't have the funds to get her out. I get angry at her but she was trying to provide for us - wrote bad checks. Through all of this I love her. I wish I could hold her again. Bills are piling up and I feel like giving up but when I see my beautiful kids, I know God meant for my wife and I to be together. Hang in there. I'm praying for you.

Ed from Texas [email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 18, 2010

God will show you the way. In the meantime, he shouldn't be speaking to you this way in my opinion. Maybe u can let him cook dinner for a while? Sounds like ur being taken for granted? I've been thru this before, and I know when you give too much people want more. Have a talk with ur husband, maybe it will help. I'm praying for you and God bless

nila tx, witness | on Apr 18, 2010

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