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God please help me...i feel so sad, lonely n depressed. School n wrk is stressing me out. god u know my heart n u kno I love him soo much n he is all I think about. Im still takin every thing day by day. I love this man so much and I know that the break up was part my fault because of my selfish, childish and seneless ways. He told me to just give it some time so we can wrk out but I didnt n now ive pushed him away
I feel so stupid because I love him more than anything n dere is nothin I wouldnt do for him.
But if he love me like he say he does then he would've stayed. I told him plenty of times that things would be different. N I did change for him but now he doesnt want me n his life nor does he want to be friends. What should I do is there really no hope 4 us now? Should I just give up now...god please let him realize his love for me n let him come back. N if he is not the one, would u please send me someone who is going to love me despite my flaws but lord I have 2 change my ways please mend my broken heart. If it's not him then please help me find him.

by MzConfused

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Just focus on getting yourself better first and when the time is right god will put the right man in your life

boosie | on Apr 13, 2010

Im tryin so hard but nothing seems to be working.

MzConfused | on Apr 13, 2010

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