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Lord I am feeling so depressing over not finding a job nor my husband. People is living it up on vacations & shopping for the nice things out there that money can by. Here we are borrowing money from my grandparents that can not afford to give it to us. My kids do with out while their cousins get everything the want and or need. My grandparents yells when we have to borrow for food, gas, bills, whatever and make sure they and my other family brags about my sister to me. I don't understand Lord I help others involved in church. I made mistakes Lord in life I know & I am sorry. But we were pregnant at the same time. why did she get to finish school & not me? Why would mom watch her child for she can graduate & go to college but not mine? I asked for help & did not recieve. She asked for nothing & got all. What is wrong with me? I was told I was unwanted by a family member & been blamed cause mom did not go to college cause she had me. Dad told me it was nicer and better before they had kids. Is that why my life is this way? I just don't understand....we pray as a family, we go to church and live right,we help others, work hard. I just don't get it...please help me and my family please my Lord. Help me find a job and my husband finds a part time job soon. I would love to get caught up and maybe a head. Have a savings that we can really save. To help others out when they too have money problems. To save money for my kids to go to college. Please Lord I ask this all in your name. Amen

by a.coleman

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Help is on the way.... U are worthy, and the devil is a Liar! Be Blessed and have patience and faith. God Bless U.

Anonymous | on Apr 10, 2010

I am praying for you. I think you should not listen to people who try and bring you down. That really makes me sad the way they speak to you. God bless you. Hang in there!

nila tx, witness | on Apr 10, 2010

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