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Lord I Thnk u 4 my pastor n his annointing. Since nursing skool this is one of the first nights I can sleep n peace. Thnks 4 ur holy spirit I received n my car 2nite...amen

by brittaney

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How did you receive the Holy Spirit in your car?

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 08, 2010

U can receive him anywhere anytime. Praise God!!

Anonymous | on Apr 08, 2010

Have you read in the Bible that you can receive the Holy Spirit anytime and anywhere?

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

Amanda I did... I felt a warm feeling in my belly if I had 2 locate it...but it was my soul. It was amazing I pulled over until god finished.. wen u start going through things and realize how good he has been ull understand

brittaney | on Apr 09, 2010

The reason I am asking you a question about receiving the Holy Spirit the way you said you received it is because the Word of God says in Acts 2:38 that you must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am just asking because I am concerned about you and your soul.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 09, 2010

I have a firm relationship with god. I have been a Christian all my life..and this isnt the first time I've received Jim n definitely not the last! The bible speaks about the spirit n acts chap 2 verse 2-42 or the whole chapter u shud read it dear. Thnks 4 being concerned...but its not needed it confessd that along time ago. N he is concerned about my soul n that's wat matters.

brittaney | on Apr 09, 2010

Can you please show me where in the Bible it reads that baptism is not needed to receive the Holy Spirit? As you recommended I read the entire chapter of Acts 2 and the verses tell about the day of Pentecost when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit in order to be able to become well equiped in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world as they were commanded to do. But even the Apostles were baptized and then received the Holy Spirit as it says in Acts 1:5. I am a Christian so it is very natural for me to be concerned about you and your soul. Anything I say to you is out of love and all I would want is for you to understand the Word of God and it's true interpretation. This life is not about just being a Christian. It is about becoming a Christian according to God's own will and living as he commands us to in his Word.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 10, 2010

But sister your missing the whole point. I've been baptized did I say newhere n my prayer that I wasnt? I've accepted jesus as my lord and savior like I said along time ago. I dnt knw y u would think that I was a lost soul! Mayb because I've been going through a lot through school but we all struggle n NOBODY is perfect but we all fall short of sin as well. So I Thnk u for being concerned because I knw you misunderstood everything. But we would b as Christians if we focused this same attention on the unsaved and pple that dnt knw god. So Thnks love u.

brittaney | on Apr 10, 2010

You mentioned the Holy Spirit in a manner that made me believe that you think the Holy Spirit goes away and comes back at a certain time, I think that is what made me believe that you haven't received it yet. And I definetly know that none of us are perfect we have and will continue to fall short. Going through trials and struggles only brings perserverance so I am hoping and going to pray that you will continue to work hard in school and do your best. My focus is not just on the unsaved or saved though. My heart allows me to be concerned about everyone. But sinced you mentioned that you believe you are saved, can I ask you how did you become saved?

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 10, 2010

You say believed you are saved as if u dnt believe I am. N if you are a Christian as YOU say you r your supposed to cover me...and it sounds like you r trying to tell me I'm not really saved. But I dnt wish to entertain others over the web but I would be soooo happy if u would call or text me! 9012889644. There is no shame n who I serve Mayb u could learn a little. N I didn't say u can't worry about all pple if u read my comment right u wud c I said focus this negativity ur exhibiting on saving the unsaved. But I will b waiting 4 ur call because if u practiced wat ur saying to me, y wudnt b asking how I got saved you wud just b Thnkful and say to god be the glory...hope to hear from u!

brittaney | on Apr 10, 2010

My intentions are not to be negative with you but helpful. I am sorry that you have misinterpreted what I have said to you and the question I have asked you. But I am one who practices what I believe that is why I am reaching out to you and trying to positivly communicate with you about the Word of God. But if you aren't ashame of what you believe and who you serve I would think that you would be willing to share with me how you were saved. If I knew that, maybe then I could give glory to God.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 10, 2010

Well. If that is so text me...u r right now. I wud b glad to tell u that's y I gave y I gave u my number n the last comment. N its no hard feelings I trust ur intentions r good.

brittaney | on Apr 10, 2010

This application is very similar to texting so, I think that would be able to carry on a conversation just fine on here. I don't know you yet so I am not comfortable giving you my telephone number. But I am willing to have an appropriate discussion with you if it concerns the Word of God or living a Christian life.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 10, 2010

Me 2 as well. But as long as god keeps blessing me fine n I dnt have to answer to anyone but him. He knws I'm saved. So jus leave his job alone. N u can call me private *67. Because trust me I dnt want u or ur number. N I'm dne with this conversation as well as u.

brittaney | on Apr 10, 2010

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