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In the name of Allah creator of my soul and the universe. His name is God (Arabic word Allah) the most merciful and most magnificent. Who created the universe for me and u to worship only. Allha appointed angels with every human to safeguarding them regardless of his faith colors. Who created us from nothing to life, then again will die then he will make us live again. E.g of dry land after rain how the life comes back to life. May Allah guide us all in the path of Adam , Jesus, Moses, Mohammed peace be up on them. They are the messengers and servant of Allah. We are the slave of our Allah to thank and remember him and pray to him and follow the last and final universal messenger of prophet Mohammed pbuh.Oh my lord Allah ur forgiveness is greater than my sin and ur mercy is greater than my evil action, I ask for ur forgiveness and mercy. Please allah kindly forgive me and give me good in this world and hereafter and save me from the fire of hell.

by submit2oneGod-only

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