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Dear God, Please look after my family. My dad may have cancer and nothing has ever hurt me more than this. My family has been through so much heartache and this will just destroy us. My poor mother has had it hard all her life and I'm scared for my brother who suffers from severe anxiety. Please bring light into our lives.. Please God I pray for my dad's health and for my family more than anything else in this world. Please give me strength. I promise I will become a better person. Please forgive us our sins. From now on I will find the strength to be the person I want to be and I will look after my family and make them happy. Please heal my dad. Dear God thank you for everything. Amen

by Heart7

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Thank you so much for your kind words. God is in my heart and my faith will grow stronger.

Heart7 | on Apr 05, 2014

GOD is very compassionate and merciful,as well as forgiving. In case you didn't already know,no matter what we have done we are righteous with GOD by his Grace.Jesus has already paid for all of our sins,passed,present and future! So there is no need for you to think that you need to "qualify" for GOD to answer.Just invite Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and savior.FAITH plays a very big role with GOD.BELIEVE!!! GOD BLESS YOU and your family.

Brenda | on Apr 05, 2014

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