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Hello all
My boyfriend and i stopped dating a few monthd ago.. we have been on and off for 5 years.. I just founfd out hes now getting married in May... im so sad and my heart hurts soooo much.. im only 22 but this guy was my first and only love... please comment and pray for me to get over this and meet someone special... thankyou

by angel59

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Well if he can move on that quick and get married then that shows how much love he doesn't have. Mostly likely he will continue this pattern the rest of his life. U will find the one to love u the way u should b loved. It took me 1 divorced at 24, a 7 year abusive relationship to finally find my love. Peace b with u

trying2grow-wings | on Apr 05, 2010

Awww sweetie,hold on dnt u feel defeated. That man u loved is gonna miss out da best thing dat god has given him & dats u. Dnt feel depressed or discouraged bt instead have faith. I pray dat god will heal ur heart & dat jesus will comfort u thru dis battle ur facing. God is an ontime god. He is wit u. As da saying goes tru love never dies quickly...u cn read my other prayers 2 encourage u or even follow my prayers bt i'll b followin ur prayers & pray 4 u. Remember God loves u,his love will never die. U & God r da 1's 2 say its over or nt,dnt allow da devil 2 defeat u bt if god tells u dat he has sum1 else n store 4 u then b patient, trust n god & start building a close relationship wit god. Dis battle is 2 help u & strengthen u bcuz ur strong wit christ. Have faith & jus pray. Tell god wat u wan him 2 do 4 u right now & he'll do it. God bless u my sister n christ

*Shanique* | on Apr 05, 2010

It's always unfolding exactly as it should. You've gotta go where you can shine beautiful girl. You'll thank him for being stupid enough to allow you to move on to bigger & better. Enjoy being young & fierce!!

k*love | on Apr 05, 2010

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