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God is so amazing! So i've been having trouble figuring out why guys only see me for one thing. I was watching evan almighty and one scene explained that God gives u lessons.... i know u know this but it hit me so hard. When u need strength, God will give u lessons to teach u strength. When u patience... when u need mercy and when u need courage..... all times when u may feel God has abondoned u becuase more issues and problems arise. Well, he hasnt abondoned u! He's teaching u! He's giving u situations for u to learn from. U just need to listen and know that he is teaching u and what he is trying to teach u. In my case, i can attract men .... no problem but commitment is the hard part. There r so many men that want me but dont want to commmit to me. Ive always wanted to hold on to that becuase it feels good to be wanted. God is giving me the lesson to break my pattern. Each guy will make me stronger if i learn the lesson right! Be confident! Be a Christian and believe in urself as a woman of God. Make the decision.... i know its hard but 1 thing u have to always remember... u are amazing becuase God made u. He made u! He doesnt want u to fail and that's why he keeps giving u situations that will help u to learn. People think that God leaves in tough times. He doesnt! He's there giving u the tools to succeed! I hope my revelation speaks to someone in need out there. Thanks be to God!!!! Love you so much! Amen!!!

by symba808

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This really helped. It feels like everyday im coming with new problems. My problem is lying or making up people. And i find myself just getting involed in more. But i have been trying to stop. Thank you! :)

ilovejesus | on Apr 04, 2010

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