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Does comitting suicide send you straight to hell?

by Anonymous

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Life sometimes changes when you don't except it! I pray 4 you but please if you feel suicidal contact Jesus and also a doctor or a psychologist

Diego Italy | on Apr 02, 2014

Dear Friend! Yes! Commiting suicide will send you to Hell. But, let me encourage you. God wants you to live. God died on the cross at Calvary so that you may have an abundant life. He wants to you be happy. Its not His will or desire for you to go to die and go to hell. His will is to see you live eternally in Heaven with him. No No No matter what is going on YOU can make it. I promise that the storm will pass. Trust God! Please! He will bring you out. Trust in His word and Promises. I know! He can and will deliver you. That spirit of suicide is from the Devil and the enemy does not want you to believe Gods word, but you have too for you life depends upon it. I will be praying for you! You shall live and not die! In the name of Jesus!

Tee, WI | on Mar 03, 2014

Dear ... Tee is right this is a temptation from devil, only God can decide the moment to live and to die, if He keep you on earth he want give you his help and love.. Believe this, believe in Him. Suicide is negation of God trust, for this is the hell. If there is life, there is hope. Courage... I pray for you

♥ | on Mar 03, 2014


Anonymous | on Mar 03, 2014

God bless you my friend

John 16:33 | on Mar 03, 2014

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