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Dear Father

I thank you for all you have done in my life. I thank you going to Calvery and paying the Price so that man will be saved and have forever lasting life. Defeating the enemy. Father I am being persecuted on my job for worshipping you. I work in a very hostile work environment. A place where my work is being sabotaged words are being twisted email intercepted and people listening to my phone calls and stating I overheard you said this and that. I have become sick because of this situation and there is no one to turn to because the entire management staff is a part of this environment. But Father I know that you can do all things. I am praying that you turn this situation around, give me peace protect me from those that wait to snare me ,lie on me and sabtoge my work. Please give me strenght and a peace of mind while you are working this situation out. You said ask and it shall be given. You said just trust believe and have faith. I thank you Jesus as I ask trust and believe that you will work this situation our.


by Anonymous

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I go through a similar situation. I feel as if every day I go to work I am being persecuted for not being able to physically do my job anymore. I am 20 years old and I have severe scoliosis that I just found out about when I pulled a muscle in my back a year ago. Since then I have found that there are worse things going on in my body and still they question if I tell the truth. But every day I come home and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be with my husband and have the things I do. I am thankful to have LOVE in my life. Love with God, with my family, and myself. In the end it does not matter what happens at work, in public, etc.... the only things that matter are that you tried your best and you are confident that you have no shame. Because eventually, all you can do is spread the word and pray that others do not fall into damnation. I hope this helps. .. surprisingly it helped me out a lot. Thank you for listening to me, and God bless!

Anonymous | on Mar 29, 2010

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