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Hello I am a man of 47 who lives in Sweden. A divorce is very soon, I am desperate and need help from God urgently before it is too late November 21. Here is the story: In late September 2012, I was thrown out of my wife because of all my aggression problems through 17 years of marriage. She took out the separation. I immediately sought help at a Bible school and went through a lot of calls and prayers and experienced lots of miracles. I got rid of aggression and had to move home again in May this year. After I was done with the Bible, I have never had any temper tantrums, but has so far kept my psyche under full control, so it is a miracle of God. The summer and autumn of this year has been great, my wife says she has been pleased with me, I have heard. The last few weeks I've noticed my wife has been tired because of excessive stress.Now the weekend and this week I noticed she was not herself. Finally she collapsed mentally and yelled at me and the kids several times. I had to speak out and set limits, but it was filling fuel to the fire, she took it negatively. It ended with her in affect saying that she would be separated and I had to get out of the house. She took this decision while she was in the most unstable, and I know that one should never take on such dramatic decisions in such moments. Soon separation time goes out, November 21, 2013. This date is the last day to sign the declaration of a complete divorce. Now she has already done it, so in a few days we completely divorced.I am convinced that there are attacks from Satan, because he does it in a very unfortunate time. He has deceived her and think it is God's will. Now I'm desperate, soon we will be divorced if God does not intervene in the situation. We are both Christians. I will state that I have forgiven her. I have heard that she thinks it's good I'm rid of aggression and attacks, but she feels betrayed that I did not give her good enough attention was called and I thought too much of myself. It is admittedly true. I did not take God seriously right after I moved home. She has lost faith and confidence in me. I have now turned me wholeheartedly to him now.
I ask You Lord Jesus that you should give my wife a lot of love and she will wake up and realize the truth and cancels the divorce before it becomes a reality November 21 this year. I ask you Lord Jesus to give me love, strength and peace in the days to come.

by abc nordic

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