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Of course i didnt get either of the jobs i applied for. Do you not see how badly I need or want them. I feel worthless and disappointed. thanks Lord.

by stephy

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I felt the same way when I didn't get the jobs that I wanted. Perhaps Lord had a greater plans for me. He is able to provide you the perfect job for you. God bless

Rajesh | on Nov 12, 2013

Don't be discouraged. I've been jobless for almost 3 years now and I know how it feels. I've several rejected applications. I sometimes believe I'm not for this world. Pray for God to see why there is such a delay... Maybe He wants you to pay attention to something else for the meantime. Hold on to Jeremiah 29:11. Wait and see, the best is yet to come (I'm still jobless until now)

MaryMe | on Nov 12, 2013

Thank you

stephy | on Nov 12, 2013

Pride GoesBeforeA Fall. It'sNot Gods Fault Just Keep Trying

Anonymous | on Nov 12, 2013

You say, "Of course I didn't..." It seems like you knew you weren't to get the job. Your thoughts set you up. Oh, I know very well how that is. I was unemployed for over 4 years, & it was depressing. I sometimes felt worthless. Fortunately for me I was blessed with a decent retirement - not a great amount, but I manage. I still sometimes feel discouraged due to my own personal situation, but I make a conscious effort to try & think positively. I also use this app to pray for others. It is important to God that we pray for others (even those we dislike). It shows Him I am trying to be unselfish by thinking of & praying for others. I praise Him for ALL things (even things that make me sad or angry). I try to obey His Word. I am a sinner & fail Him sometimes, so I have to ask his forgiveness..... I have asked the Lord, our God to bless & help you in all things. God is working in your life, & many people on here are praying for you.

turnip_seed | on Nov 12, 2013

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