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God Ik not 2 rush things but im still waiting for an answer me nd my gf r still waiting for u 2 tell us either 2 move on or 2 still go on god I just pray for things 2 work out for us 2 go back 2 gather ive been witt her for as year and a half nd ik ur, love, is the only love i need nd the best love 2 but being with her was amazing she alwayz, kept a smile on my face nd the way she made me feel was amazing i just pray for u god 2 give us an answer for u 2 plz approve of us to keep us going plz pray for us bc theres alot of pain behind this story on both sides and we just want gods aprovel thank u everybody for praying for us b4 we pray everyday 2 we reali want this relationship 2 go on so god please give us direction I love u god thank u for even puting us in this, realtationship in the 1st place and for leting me meet this amazing women thank u god

I" love u god amen

by Miguel

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Don't force it...if its meant to be ,so it shall...just be glad for the times you had....

jordan | on Mar 24, 2010

The lord has already given you his approval. It's you that needs to make the choice of committing to the relationship or not. Love is being able to except each other for who they are and working together through the hard times and the good times. If you both really love each other you should be able to help one another out. Its also about making compromises for each other. If you both can do any of those things then it should work out for you both. The lord will guide you both on the write path. I have been married for 3 years now and we've been together for 10 years we've had our ups and Downs but we always work together and help each other out and we are still together and our love continues to blossom. You both can make your love blossom if you work together. In Jesus name I pray amen.

blessed one | on Mar 24, 2010

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