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Lord please give me times i feel like giving up on everything!! But i know i have to stay strong for my kids but its soooooo hard i hate to cry in front of them but sometimes i just cant hold it so stressed lord please help me with the main thing i need help wit! U know my struggles n i know life cant always be perfect but if u can just plzzzzzzzzz help me lord plz im so weak i know i can count on u i need u lord i love u AMEN

by faith in him

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I understand were u at. But I wanted to encourage u and let u know this thing (the life storms u going throught) it shall pass. consider ur problem as a gift. The reason u are going throught is bcause it's just the making of u. Its allowin u to operate and to grow in mature in ur faith. I'm reminded of the story in bible, when peter saw JESUS walkin on water. Peter said LORD if that's u tell me to come. Than JESUS said come. Peter step out of the boat and started to walkin on water like JESUS. Then winds started to blow and the water start raging than peter started to sink. And peter shouted LORD save me. JESUS, reach down and pull him up. Then JESUS said to peter were is ur faith. I'm telling u this is bcause u have to keep ur eyes on the true prize which is CHRIST JESUS. Don't allow the enemy get u off focus. The devil is tryin to make ur problem bigger than what it really is. Get to a quiet place and read ur the word, pray and play praise and worship music. Look at life like a cell phone. When a phone is charge up u can talk on the phone as long as u want until ur battery die. In order to talk on that phone again u have to connect ur phone to a battery charger. Right? That is how GOD is HE is our charger we as people of GOD have to stay connected to GOD and the things of GOD. And trust me I know first hand ur problem is not goin to be nothing. The joy of the LORD is ur strenght.

Let me tell u what joy mean to me.

O = zero
Y = you

Don't let nothing or anything comes between JESUS and U.

GOD bless u and I will keep u in prayer.

If u want to talk here is my email address [email hidden from spammers]

jen 728 | on Mar 21, 2010

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