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Dear father im here for you my lord to help and guide me and my family to good and keep all evil away from us and our home please my lord i beg of ur help. Also please help me with the wrong thing the school did and lied about dropping the charges off my child missing school due to his sickness. You my lord who see's everything knows i didnt keep my son home just to keep him. I kept him to get him better when he be sick. Please help me fix this problem with the school and court as it was suppose to be dropped. Please my lord i dont have money to pay i have my kids that need food and clothing and me that im also sick my child rocky who needs help with his autisum. Please lord dont let them do this to me as this is not fair and not right this is wrong. Please i beg you to be with me and guide me to nice helpful people to help me with this issus so i dont go to jail or have to pay for something i didnt do. Please soften the hearts of all those involed in this as it has not been fair to me. I'v suffered alot and i know lits off people do. But im not asking for much just for this i have no money no job im sick and im a great mother to my kids. Please my lord if you can hear me i beg you from my heart to help me i know i havent gone to church and i want to but its been hard for me to do things lately i get so sick fast with my blood pressure. I belive in you my lord my father my savior i know you will help me and guide me tru this tuff ordeal and let their be justice in this matter. Please lord be with me with my children guides us to the the path and keep us away from evil. Forgive us if we have sinned. Also watch ober henry as he goes to work each and everyday please over him as the name i pray amen.

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