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I'm so done with life! I so want to get a knife and slice my throat and writs! I can't do this anymore I dot want to exist I hate every aspect of myself this world would be so much better without me in it! I'm weird and gross and idk how any man could ever love someone who hates to even look at her face! I've been touched and violated by a man! All I want is love but every time I open my heart up to it it hurts to much! I like my soul being untouched by water because then I don't hunger! Why can't u just shoot me down with a lightening bolt like you did to other people! I'm just as selfish and rude as them! Probably worse! Kill me so I don't have to live any longer in this pain and loneliness I'm tired so tired!

by 86 grace 4211

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I wish i could tell you that life will not have its share of ups and downs baby but just know we walk thru challenges cuz god has to teach us how to be strong so we can experience the good and bad in life.. dnt give up as worse as things may get it will get better if a man doesnt want you ..then know that god has something better for you dear..lord i pray that you touch this soul that is going thru challenges in her life .. deliver her from herself.. take away that evil mind to self destruct.. lead her to where you want her to be in you., send motivating people in her life to help her on this journey oh lord.. Keep her strong dear god and save her soul in jesus name.. God bless you babe.. god is everything in any situation !!!!! %uD83D%uDE4F

Favor oh lord ! | on Jun 30, 2013

You need to know that God suffered for you and your sins. He knitted you with love. And until you get that the devil is convincing you that you are these things. Stop letting him in your heart. He wants you to feel this way and curse God. DONT DO IT!!! You need to bury your head in Gods words. No matter what thank God for having life. Will be praying for you.

Luke 9:23 | on Jun 30, 2013

Thank u both! U both made me feel not alone! It's nice to have encouragement thank u

Anonymous | on Jun 30, 2013

By the way that last comment was from me( 86 grace 4211) idk why it didn't show up

Anonymous | on Jun 30, 2013

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