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Good morning, Lord,.Thank U for shedding Ur blood for us.Thank U for choosing me, Thank U for being there for me at the right time.When I am week U lift me up;not tear me to pieces. When I get caught up, where I don't need to be You sends me to where I need to be.and when I 'm caught up, and behind U lend me energy, that's how I make it. Oh God how lost I am without U. U help me to get up, when I fall down You are there to pick me up, when stumbling blocks get in my way help me to move around them. when i'm confronted with hard dituration help me to go through them.and if I need encouragement You whisper in my ears whatever I need to hear ,with no strings attach, because Ur love is genuine. Heavenly Father thank U for alouding me to be a part of Ur life. and when other push me to the side lead me in the right mind set. Help me not to sweat the small stuff.Lord I want to keep U in my life because U are worthy, and I pray that i don't put myself in worrying about siturations that don't matter. Lord keep me focusing on the right things, .Lord I pray that any stumbling block that may be interfering with were U would have me to be, that i am able to get though.i pray that Ur will be done in my life. thank U Father for all Ur riches, and I glorify Ur love.thank U for the blessings U have instore for me,and the many blessing I've received from my perfect Father whom is above all, and I say this with truely recognition for who U are, I love U because U love me first. Thank U for giving me clear insight in knowing how important it is to have love in Ur heart. Lord help me not to disreguard love for my enemy,who I pray for,Father forgive me for anyone I may have harm in any way,and forgive those who have harm me in any way, intentionly and un-intentionly. I pray for the sick and shut in.I pray for the world, and any leaders on earth. i pray for the mistreated and lonely.In Ur precious name i pray.

by Thanks for all You do

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