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Please lord hear my prayers. I'm none stop crying. me and my husband can't seem to get along lately..and its really tearing me up. I'm so depressed that I can't even get out of bed and take care of our kids. I just want to lay in bed all day and cry! Please lord my husband talks and treats me like I'm his daughter and not his wive. I'm turning to you to guide me in the direction of happiness. I just want to be able to smile again. Amen

by Anonymous

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Get up and look in the mirror at God's creation. He will carry you on if needed but let Him. Listen to the song "safe" by phil wickham. "You will be safe in His arms, the hands that holds the world is holding your heart"

Anonymous | on Mar 13, 2010

God loves you so much. I'm also battling depression and anxiety now. It's very hard. If you haven't seen a doctor, please do. Let the doctor know what is going on and he/she can help. Don't blame yourself. Give this to God and let Him carry you. Things will get better. Your family loves you and they need you. Cry to Jesus. He will bless you. He is working within you to bring you closer to Him. Just take a moment at a time. Ask God for peace and wisdom on how to get through this. You will. May God bless you.

Anonymous | on Mar 13, 2010

Read n start praying the prayer found the book the power n a praying wife...god will urn this around but remember ur husband doesn't define who u r....god does...he is ur husband first b4 any man...isaih 65... make him n2 ur husband...can't no man treat u like god can...god is first b4 any man...get ur life n order with a prayer life n readng ur bible...n watch the power of god move...don't miss church either...make sure u make it 2 church 2mrrw morning...its n a matter of life n death...because there is power n laying of the hands ...find somebody 2 come in nd prayer over ur house....n tell the devil he can't have ur marriage nor family...the devil is the one that comesn 2 kill,steal n destory but god can 2 give u life abundently... god give her streenght 2 fight thur this n u! Amen....ur n a spiritual warfare...make sure u go 2 church 2mrrw....don't is a hospital!

H.O.P.E | on Mar 13, 2010

Arise ! Oh women of god... proverbs 31:26 she is clothed with strenght & dignity!

H.O.P.E | on Mar 13, 2010

I went thur the same with my husband...he's backslided frm god n man did I go thur sme stuff...but god is my everythng n with or without my husband , life goes on my sis...don't mean 2 come off bold but I have 2 tell u this with urgency!

H.O.P.E | on Mar 13, 2010

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