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Dear Father, I want to cry but my tears have dried up long ago. I'm sleeping next to a man now whom I have no longer recognized. He is not the uni sweetheart I married but a jobless man who have gambled all our savings away and putting the family into debts. Yet after all these years I hv no courage to leave him. I am a successful biz woman at work but at home I kept having anxiety attacks abt his coming home drunk, in anger or moody. I hate myself for letting me and my daughter go thru this for the last 10 years. Yet it hurts me so much just thinking of leaving him. This is no longer a marriage. I have became his mother to take care of his burdens while he run out to play with his friends. I'm shaking with anger and misery now yet I can't force my tears out. I want someone to hug me now and assure me all will be well. Father, I hate myself more than I hate him. Pls deliver me from this marriage and make it fast. Let me be decisive father, he is pushing my boundaries everyday.

by cerine

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Always pray and god will answer your prayer.

Son1977 | on May 03, 2013

he will turn your hell into heaven! believe me he knows the best and you will be hardened through all this! be courageous!

Anonymous | on May 03, 2013

Sister i know ur position. I ve co.e across al situations f lyf. I pray fa u daily. Don't worry sister. I say this . Not ju words but u r lyk kinda ma own Sissy...

priya | on May 03, 2013

Keep praying. God hears you and knows what is best for you.

Anonymous | on May 03, 2013

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