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Lord I Thankyou for all that you do and will do, god I've did an awful thing that could put me behind bars, I have sick children and family that I take care of. I no that it is wrong yes I do I knew when I did it I lost my job and don't no what else. God I'm begging please spare me this time make this a learning for me. Now I gotta try and find a way to pay bills children have serious health issues no insurance please God here my cry. My prayer to god I'm speaking to you I promise from this day forth I will not do anything that is illegal that will get me behind bars I will not listen to family because they are the ones who got me in this situation and that person suppose to be a child of god but see long as you doing the crime with them they call all day over the weekend didn't call at all use to call all day and night but tables stopped the money now nothing but God my mom would be so disappointed in me I know she looking down on me please God help this one time and the next time I'm on my own please people brothers and sisters pray with me I got Christ back in my life I don't no if this is what it took to put him ba k in my life or what but I'm back outbid almost a year in a half or longer I'm ashamed should be. I'm asking you god to teach me how to pray how to hold my head up and say I'm wrong but you go forward from this day I need you Jesus please help me. Will y'all pray with me and please comment I need this

by Anonymous

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i feel you im just about in the same boat i pray i dont get put behind bars to i also have sons with heath problems and trying to change my life for christ so it may feel like your alone your not god listens and he does know our hearts if your sincere he will help you keep praying keep the faith watch what our heavenly father can do he lnows we make mistakes we are human and he will never forsaken us so i will be praying for you god bless you

god\'s chosen angel | on Apr 21, 2013

Thanks, I strayed away from Hod but I hope this was just to bring me back, I'm hear to stay I'll keep praying for you also. I've learned my lesson. I have I'm drowning in depression

Anonymous | on Apr 21, 2013

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