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I am battling depression and am in much despair. I have no one I can talk to about this particular problem. I need some people to please pray for me. I feel so weak.

by Anonymous

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You can talk to me about anything.

Anonymous | on Mar 06, 2010

I have battled depression, too. I am sending you good energy. Do even the liitlest thing that feels good, like taking a walk or a bubble bath or praying or listening to nice music. Tune your brain to good thoughts, and ask the bad thoughts to leave you. You might google "emotional freedom technique" and learn to tap away the weight of the world. You have a lot more strength than you know -ask the Lord to help you tap into it. Blessings to you!

Anonymous | on Mar 06, 2010

I've struggled with depression most of my life n I no how difficult it can b at times. People think that u can just stop ur feeling but they seem to consume us at times. God is the answer however. Sometimes I feel so alone but I'm learning to continually talk to him.I even go as far as just gettin on this app every 3 hrs. Its surprizing how it helps to clear my mind 4 I'm concentrating on prayers. Also try to do something 4 u that u no u enjoy. I paint,write,n even decorate again.whatever it takes. U will make it through this n I will b here to b ur new friend if ud like.ill understand n might have to talk 2 u sometimes lol.I will b followin u so we can stay n touch if u wood like. God bless u until we meet again

layde of God | on Mar 06, 2010

U can talk to me too! I'm here, this is the only place I feel safe anymore. Everytime I get judgemental comments, I just delete em haha! God bless you babe, try and remember nothing is bigger than God. This will pass. But in the meantime, I'm here...God bless

nila, tx witness | on Mar 06, 2010

God is Good like at all the support u have only thru christ this can happen. Father in heaven I ask that u bless this person who ois suffers depressing. I ask in Jesus name right now to release the depressing that is in all of these love on here. U r the only n true happiness to we may have because everyone and everybody will fail us. Thank u for hearing these prayer. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

IbelieveHeanswers | on Mar 06, 2010

God can set u free. There's a good book by Joyce Meyer called straight talk. It's on how to overcome emotional battles. She has other great ones too. Psalm 42:5 why are you cast down, o my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in god and wait expectantly for him, for I shall yet praise him, my help and my god.
May the lord strengthen all of u and give u the joy that is only found in him.

Anonymous | on Mar 06, 2010

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your words of wisdom & encouragement! I certainly felt all your prayers & it did lift my heart a bit. For those of you that said I could talk to you... how would we go about this?

Anonymous | on Mar 06, 2010

I'm so glad to hear u feel a lil better.I'm gonna do something 4 u that I've never done on this app n that is give u my # so u don't have to go through this alone.(215) anytime u need ok. U have a new friend. Gby always. B strong baby. U will overcome 4 God said so

layde of God | on Mar 07, 2010

WOW really?? God bless you...

If you're really sure you can handle it... when are good times to call?

Anonymous | on Mar 08, 2010

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