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Heavenly Father, I am so depressed and feeling like a failure. It seems as though my life has no meaning and that I was only put on this earth to fail. I have a wife and 2 kids that love me so much that it pains me that I can't do for them what I want to. My job is equally as depressing as the rest of my life and I can't seem to get ahead no matter what I do. Lord I know you are the answer but I feel so selfish when I ask you for help. I don't know which way to turn anymore. Please come into my life and guide me in the direction you'd have me to go.

by CDT

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Things could be a lot worse, suppose u didn't have a job, suppose u didn't have a caring family, suppose u were really ill. Be bless for the things u have,look around there's a lot of people who have nothing.

Being Bless in the S,C | on Mar 04, 2010

Count ur blessings, life can be pretty hard I know, but God is with you. My friend told me a good state of mind is an adittude of gradittude helps..God bless, stay strong!

nila, tx witness | on Mar 04, 2010

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