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I feel like there's no point of living anymore, I feel like there's no way out. I've started purging, I maybe eat 1 time a day. I'm not the same anymore, my life has changed..

by Nashae

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No words, just want you to know, i read your prayer, and care.that your so numb, and say i feel the same at times.

β€»Selahβ€» | on Feb 04, 2013

It's like I try to do my best, but its not good enough. I'm done, no one cares.

Nashae | on Feb 04, 2013

In the name of Jesus, I bind the deceiver and destroyer who blinds the minds of those who are perishing! Be free from the lies that surround you right now! You are a daughter of the Most High and you have have a purpose on this earth---that is THE EXACT REASON that war has been waged against you! Only believe...only believe. Cast --throw down violently--your cares at His feet for he cares for you! As a sister, I care for you too. I have heard the lies you are hearing! I felt the way you feel. Do NOT interfere or try to intercept what God has purposed for you! Use your free will to CHOOSE LIFE! God turned my life around completely within one year of my surrender to Him when I,too, was at the point of ending it all and feeling worthless. He CAN and He WILL! Only believe. Have faith that the unseen God is with you.. He can do what no man can. All things are possible for those who believe! Please feel free to contact me, I was led to open this app by God just now and just for me at [email hidden from spammers]. My heart is reaching out to pull you from the pit because I was once in there myself. Love and prayers arebeing sent your way and angels have been dispatched to minister to you! God will break every chain that binds you---let Him! You are soooo precious and loved and there are so many lives that are depending on YOU choosing LIFE right now at this space in time!

truthnluv | on Feb 04, 2013

I just feel like there's no point of me here on earth. I can't do anything right, I'm just fed up..

Nashae | on Feb 04, 2013

I emailed you a couple of hours ago, I'm hoping you can respond soon.

Nashae | on Feb 04, 2013

Check your email...

truthnluv | on Feb 04, 2013

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