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Dear god,
I've drifted away from you. I've lost grip of my life. My best friend tried to commit suicide. My dads in the hospital and is likely to never heal. My mom was just diagnosed with Lupus. Both my parents can't work so it feels like I am the provider of the family at age 15. Trying to buy food to feed my siblings. Going to the food bank. God u seem so far away and nothing seems to be getting better. I want you to be The Lord in my life. #1. God if you're there please help me! I've been drowning for too long.

by bananagoalie

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Dear GOD
You are so much bigger than all this.please turn things around.i know you will. .amen.

*selah* | on Jan 29, 2013

God, by the power of the name above all I names, I pray total healing for dad and mom! Send your angels to surround this one who is looking to you. Send healing as they trust in your word and trust the dreams you give. Lighten this load and work all things out for your purposes. Nothing happens for no reason....Help is on the way, child of God, help is on the way! Philippians 4:13.

truthnluv | on Jan 29, 2013

God just please be with her parents god help them get better and be the parents they are god no 15 year old should be going through this she has a whole life ahead of her please just be with her family.:)

Rachel | on Jan 29, 2013

Attn:anonymous....I wish I had an hour to tell you my own real life happenings that "science" could not possibly give an explanation for. No one can ever convince me away from the truth of what I've witnessed and experienced. The Divine interventions that set me on a track of life instead of death. Faith instead of fear. Hope instead of dread. Peace no matter what's going wrong in the world around me. Can science do that?

truthnluv | on Jan 29, 2013

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