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All I want is your prayers....... Please !!!

Im asking God to bless me and the world to pray for me. I've had more than 14 years of my life taken away from me because of my health. Blind in eye half in other and deaf in one ear half in the other and other defects. I had a very promising life but came into health problems at the most critical time of 18yrs old a week after I graduated. I lost scholarships for college and 2 high paying jobs because of my health before I was forced to draw disability help from the state.

Now I have a chance to get another good job and get off disability and I feel im able and with Gods will and God grace bless me to land this job and keep it. I feel real good about it and im praying.

Im just really in so much need and dont have enough money for some of things thats vital in my life. Right now I need a pair of glasses and a special hearing aid that cost $2000 insurances dont pay for hear aids so it impossiable right now and can't even afford to buy clothes. Im almost 35 yrs old and only have my parents support I've been trying to get off disability for years and now my parents now having health problems and I feel like it's God trying to help me.

My Dad (Cancer) and my Mom (Stoke & Parkinson) I want to be able to help them too. My mom is the only one in my life to preach and talk about God now I don't have that anymore since she can't talking good and recently the doctors have her a year to live. Its just so hard.... It's just so much I can say but overall all im asking for is your payers. Please pray for me and if your want to personally email me with surrport, God words or advice or please do so I need God and to hear his word. - [email hidden from spammers] THANKS FOR READ THIS MAY GOD BLESS YOU TOO !!!

by Mr E

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You will truly be blessed.if a person put all there faith in Jesus you will be blessed.......Gods with you....:)

HoneyBee | on Jan 24, 2013

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