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Please pray that I fit in. That people will stop judging me, and actually get to know me. Please pray that I'm no longer laughed at, that I don't have to any longer care what other people think of me. That I can be who I am without worrying. Thankyou Lord

by Anonymous

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Be yourself, true 2urself, love who U are. Don't worry about "fitting" in. God's love tromps all. I pray that u find peace...


Silvr612 | on Feb 20, 2010

I know it's hard, and u want to feel accepted in but trust me its not worth it. God loves you dearly. And you have plenty of friends on here tht wont judge or make fun of u. Stay strong, your time will come.

brielia ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Feb 20, 2010

Thank you Father for your child today Lord. I stand in prayer with your child to protect this person from any and every who are acting as judges

IbelieveHeanswers | on Feb 20, 2010

In Jesus name Father I ask you to be with this love one who is going through I tough time with others be judgemental towards your child. Please Father God in heaven please soften the hearts of these people around this person so the may continue to focus on You. Please continue to be with this person and show the way to the truth. In Jesus Name I pray..Amen. (keep focus on Christ and don't let the evil one distract you may God bless you always)

IbelieveHeanswers | on Feb 20, 2010

Its ok to not fit in,because God will luv u no matter wat. Love urself and be urself. Do don't hve to change for anyone. .. :)

Anonymous | on Feb 20, 2010

God is love. Praying for you

p[email hidden from spammers] | on Feb 20, 2010

ONly care about what GOd thinks of you not what other think only the good LORD can judge you :) stay strong

Alexandra Alvarez Armbrust | on Feb 20, 2010

You may not feel as though you fit in because God is leading you in a different directio. Many times we all as Christians feel this way for resisting the sins of the world and following His will. Continue to follow where he leads you, there may be someone waiting who needs you! I pray for you with love.

Anonymous | on Feb 20, 2010

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