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I need people to pray for two little boys one is 3 named Carlos n one is 2 named Antonio! They live in a bad situation! I fear for they're lives n the protective service people have done nothing in fact they felt bad for they're mother bcuz they're close in age! But here's the problem they r being abused daily n right now the 2 year olds face is covered in bruises bcuz he broke a blind off the window n they hardly eat I would really appreciate it if u could keep them in ur prayers! Please!!! I love you lord please protect them from further harm!

by Anonymous

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I will pray for them. Can someone else in the family take custody of the 2 boys? That's messed up if child services are not doing anything to get the boys out of that house and put them some place safe. You should call the cops or Sue the people that say they are taking care of it. You need to do something fast before these people do anything else. God will help he just can't do the work alone. In Jesus name I will pray amen.

blessed one | on Feb 18, 2010

My family would love to help but the girl who is abusive to the children is just a friend n her family could care less they've seen how she is w them n blows it off! Ive turned her in since the 3 year old was 2 months bcuz she started abusing him then I feel like I have no place to turn! No one wants to help them but me n I can't find ne one to listen! I'm not giving up tho they're lives depend on me finding help!!! Thank you all for ur prayers they are very needed!

bless our children | on Feb 19, 2010

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