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thinking about my life, and everything i had to go through to make me the person i am today, to many friends they characterize me as someone who is upbeat and cosmic about every situation to come by, ive been through too many isolated lonely moments and frustatingly wondered why i deserve this torture this humiliation when i am just the person that is ready to forgive and start anew while the person in the wrong seems to get all the perks about life, i dont want to regret anymore dear lord but i feel so so so alone and no one knows how i feel, this mask lay heavy on my face and i only hope for a better tomorrow while all my days are merging into a mush of the sameness i often wonder what i did to deserve this, i know you have many things in store for me dear lord and the light is there even if i have to squint i know. I cant wait for the day i tell people about how dark and lonely my days once were please remind me everyday dear lord that anything worth it is never easy, and i pray for all the people who feel this way today, know that you are not alone, dear lord although i feel so down i am always thankful for my life my family my mother im sorry if i take out my sadness on you, i love you so much and i truly appreciate you my only hope is to make you proud, i love you lord thank you for this life.

by stacy

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What's so amazin is at our darkest moments we still look 2 god. We will reap!!

Anonymous | on Feb 16, 2010

Your will to keep pushing is encouraging to me.

latoya davis | on Feb 16, 2010

Don't worry girl . Iam the queen of lonliness but I depend on god. I was in a relationship that was not ordained by God. I had been searching and searching and found nothing because I should have been seeking him. U aren't alone. But jesus is everything. Amen!

Young Woman in Christ | on Feb 16, 2010

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