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Dear Jesus I am really goin thru it. The last few days have been especially dark. I feel so depressed for no apparent reason, from the outside my life looks great but its not so. I honestly don't feel like I have anything to be depressed about, so why can't I bring myself to get out of bed? Why do i keep thinking about taking my life again I thought I was past all of that. I don't know whats wrong with me. All of these big things are going on in the world and I'm selfish enough to be sleeping 16 hours a day wishing I was dead? I don't get it but thats how I feel. My life isn't bad in any way shape or form so why do I feel this way? Please send me some help God I need it, and please help me break thru whatever it is I need to need to break free of. Maybe its weed I have almost 60 days clean but I think about smoking everyday. My life seemed fine when I smoked everyday, I was so thankful to be stoned, why? Am I really bi polar? Are the doctors right? And if so why don't I believe I could be bi polar? These are the questions I have lord please help me with all of them so that i might be able to serve u better because I don't think I am much use to you when I'm sleeping all day and awake all night. Thank you for my life I promise you I appriciate everything you have givin me right now I just need your help.

by King's Prince

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I am bi-polar and struggle with depression and used marijuana as a crutch
See a doctor to get the help you need! It does get better. I'm praying for you! God's is good all the time!

Tina | on Feb 11, 2010

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