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Lord, i know that you have already forgiven me for my sins. But lord , i am having so much difficulty forgiving myself . I dont know if i can accept what i have done and what i continue to do. Some nights i find myself sleeplessly struggling to fight battles that uu have already fought for me . There is no need for me to hurt any longer but lord i can still feel the hurt lingering inside of me . The enemy is using it against me and lord i know you want to use me for ur will - and i dont ask for much lord, but please - Help me with this. Its been long and i still feel the need to cry , this cant be right, i need only your help only ur wisdom and only ur response in any way uu show me - please allow me to see and to listen and to carry out ur will.

by inexpirienced and lost

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The we can get and stay strong is reading God's beautiful word every single day and/or time u have available. God tells us to keep his words in our heart. Struggle, strongholdcan b truly broken. When u speak to ur mountain. U mention u r still hurting from something that God had already fought and forgiven u. First start by strengthening itself with exactly what u believe that God. Had already done. My brother. And/or sister. Know that every word God had spoken into ur life. It is done. When something get into ur mind or heart compare with God had told u...(ur hurt. Ex. Father I thank u that what I'm feeling now u have already forgiven me....thank u that I have been set free from my sin,burden, stronghold, mental battle etc.....) before reading his word ask him to give u such a hunger for his word and that whatever passage. From the Bible u read may he give u the knowledge of his living word and that it may always abide in ur heart and mind that when any situation u may face u can use it to remove that. Mountain from in front of u......just read the Bible daily then it b clear enough for u understand who is our God, and who we r in him. God. Bless u

foreverloved | on Jan 31, 2010

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