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Please dear lord in so alone..thwe man i love doesnt care about me.and i am always quiet about it..please find it in your heart to bring me some jesus name. Amen

by songflower

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ICY247 | on Jan 28, 2010

Sweety if u read sum of my prayers I have been there . I used to beg god for the strength to let go , and he answered and it still wasn't easy , my new husband stood by me and told me constantly , don't cry over people who don't cry over u and y care and love someone that much who could care less and whom is selfish .. his loss is the next mans treasure and gain sweety ill pray for ya strength in jesus name .. amen ..

melissa | on Jan 28, 2010

Melissa is right - god has a plan for u and aan already picked out ask him to show him to u. This man will love u as he loves himself, he will chereish u and build u up. Look unto the lord and know in his time not yours. I know this I have been married 26 years my marriage was arranged, after I had picked out a man who thought he could hit on me. My grandma step in and picked out my husband we have our ups and down but god knew what he was doing because I couldn't ask for a better husband or friend. I praying for u have strenghth n courage that ur man will find u soon - In gods name amen

hope | on Jan 28, 2010

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