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While today Lord fills us with our many transgressions and bitter thoughts of what tomorrow would bring us, and as we all are bombarded with messages of death, war, and famine where in many places our rich rivers have turned to red: Help us oh Lord to overcomebour fears and tribulation with the knowledge that our media more than ever before in our history has been able to report daily and nightly of wars, plague, and famine that all believers in the face of God and our Lord Jesus Christ and likely our other Islamic and Jewish brethren as God's children that we now live in a global society and thus are privy simply to more news, stories, and images more than ever before and seek comfort at least that this was something not so different than when such knowledge was not so available and that with more information comes stronger responsible to balance our fears and tribulation of end times are upon us. I offer that we discern ourselves through prayer that our LORD is ever present and that our global news not dishearten us any more so than our ancensors before who too fell upon the fears that endtimes were as as strong then as now with the eaception that there are simply more reporters eager to make their quotas and that stories of war is more available to us than ever before.

So let us as all brothers of the LORD may come to know a greater peace and that today's equally as tomorrow's time help us all to remain strengthened in our faith and preserverence that without prayer we are overcome with messages of end days and that through our prayer and meditation we stay or return to our LORD as messengers and examples of faith we become beacons and vessels throuth which God our Father, his beloved Son Lord of Eternal life, and by the strong nature of the Holy Spirit that we are all saved from the perils of sin and it's products of panic and trickery.

To you my Beloved Brothers and Sisters be ever protected by our constant prayers of Faith, ever vigilant Hope in the LORD, and our Love for one another both believers and non believers alike that ann trials and tribulations of this day and those to come never shake us but unite us all under the tender and loving arms of God Most High.


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